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As far as concerts go, it’s safe to say that this week’s Twilight show was one of the most well-attended concerts Salt Lake City has ever been apart of with it’s only rivals being past Twilight shows, of course (last year’s Wu Tang concert comes to mind.) That being said, with the amount of people in attendance, there were plenty of good vibes to go around. The excitement that Diplo’s anticipated performance brought was palpable from the beginning of the evening until the very end.

The evening started out with local DJ, Sneeky Long, playing to the largest crowd any opener has played to this year. He was the most low-key DJ of the night; he kept things chill while remixing a wide variety of songs from Fleetwood Mac to songs found in popular music today. The second opener, Slushii, really took full use of the popular songs we all know and love. The night really took off when he started his set and because of this-people were singing along to Drake and enjoying the familiarity of it. It was the perfect tempo to get everyone pumped and ready, especially as the crowd really started to grow.

I doubt very many crowds have ever been as excited as they were for Diplo this week. When he came on, everyone was beyond ready for him to be there. People responded to him immediately and it took no time at all for them to be engaged in the set, even if he was placed behind a large screen while he performed. Diplo is probably the most well-known name Twilight will see this year and the increased security presence definitely made that clear. Regardless of the mass amount of people (over 20,000 people were in attendance) the evening still managed to remain more fun than anything else.