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August 20 2015

          Twilight Concert Series 2015 has set us up with a great lineup this season. Delivering us some of our favorites, both musically and with food trucks alike. This weekend’s selection was an interesting blend of Hip-Hop male duo, Run the Jewels and psychedelic mixer Flying Lotus; who is totally on the rise to becoming another one of our cerebral millennial founding fathers.

The crowd was definitely vibe-ing, lighting up tobacco and other things. From a bro fist fight where one of the guys got hit and mediators had to come in to separate the both. It was a solid night.

Run the Jewels, though not exactly my taste, had a lot of  fun with the crowd and totally kept the night’s fun vibe going for their big headliner. Flying Lotus topped it off for us all.  He came with endless visuals that bent our minds with his cerebral flare, projected onto a double screen where he stayed in between.  The mix of futuristic, parasitic and twisted animation that just takes your conciousness to places you wouldn’t think would be able to go.  The combination that Twilight gave us tonight was unusual but sent us off well and the crowd content.

An unexpectedly fun and enjoyable night to share with great friends. Looking forward to hearing next season’s lineup, Twilight. Keep up the good work.