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If sound had a color, it would be called Okkah.

The music moves like clouds in the sky, slowly and imperceptibly shape-shifting, and at any given moment, what’s being played matters less than how we arrived at this point- because we’re here now, and we all became water.

Okkah’s newest self-titled album is not just music, it’s a brilliant collision of beauty and a despondent hope, where they unabashedly treat the beats of the drum amplified by strings of all kinds as a holy experience. They discovered an ecstatic sound world and they are shaping new music.

The album touches on a multitude of ideas and moods, but above all, it sounds like a tribute to the alchemic power of collaboration. They call their sound, “symphonic tribal pop”, but what they did was manipulate sound waves to become light waves, and they invented the color Okkah.



We were privileged to ask a few questions to lead vocalist, Michael Whittle. Here we take a glimpse-

What is a joyous moment that you’ve experienced recently? Music Video Premiere Party. We fit 300 people into a small yoga studio. The joy and heat was overbearing.

Why did you start this venture? Out of opportunity, necessity, dream job…? Because it teaches you and the people you work with to be fearless–like tigers
Did you have to give anything up to pursue this? Our sanity.

Besides this, what is another hidden talent, passion, or hobby of yours? Not napping. My wife hates that.

Animal I Would Want to Be Most? Any type of bird. Flying would be fantastic. I could deal with having a tiny brain if only I could fly.

Morning Routine? Run. It clears the mess in my head.

Dream Tattoo? A map to the top of Mt. Fuji. The base would be my big toe which leads up my chest to my head. Then I could always have the perspective from the top of Mt Fuji.
Favorite TV Shows? I don’t watch TV.

Favorite Drink? Kambucha. But only when in the studio of course.

My Dream Collaboration? If John Lennon and Thom Yorke had a baby–I would want to collaborate with their baby.

What is the most traumatic thing you’ve gone through? When I saw one of a my band members (he will go unnamed) sneeze. He is a wild sneezer. You are going to have to trust me on that.

If you could tell everyone in the world something, what would it be? Hi, can you tell me your story?


From left to right: Ammon Chung, Dane Holmes, Michaell Whittle & Lee Woodside

People in Utah will have a chance to see Okkah perform live on November 6th at 7:30pm at Velour. Follow Event link for more details: OKKAH LIVE