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Little Dragons Have a Big Sound

Thursday July 20th marked the date for Salt Lake City’s very own- Twilight Concert Series. The season kicked off with Xenia Rubinos (Opener) and Little Dragons (Headliners). As the attendance for the TCS grows each year, It makes it easy to relax, and meet new and old friends.

Xenia Rubinos was an unexpected pleasure. Her music style is very unique, and she was an excellent performer- It showed as she captivated the entire audience.

I was left speechless as Little dragon appeared on stage. “Yukimi Nagano, Erik Bodin, Fred W allin and Håkan W irenstrand make up Little Dragon, the zeitgeist band that blend strands of R&B, electronic and indie into beautifully and meaningfully crafted songs. Over the course of four critically-lauded albums, Little Dragon have established themselves as a band keen to never rest on their laurels – constantly prodding and playing with the boundaries of their sound. The bands fifth album is currently in the making and tentatively planned for 2017”