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Picture this:

Anticipation in the air, a dull roar from the large amount of excited college students crowded together in a bottleneck fashion. The smell of carnival food lingering in the air from the Provo Freedom Festival- while the lights of the rides across the street beginning to glow as the sun begins to creep under the mountains. There is movement on the stage and the crowd grows silent for only a moment when they see the creators  of the rooftop series. The mayor soon emerges and the crowd goes crazy. He then starts shooting teeshirts out of this odd contraption.

let us be honest to say that when it is uttered “free” all ears and screams are turned towards what bystanders would think the most valuable of diamond stones- dangled in front of a group of jewel thieves. it is safe to say that people were definitely pushed and shoved to get a simple teeshirt.


As the Festival employees bid farewell and wished us all a safe and happy evening- The lights went down, and the Moth & Flame made their way to the stage. The crowd was not disappointed, as we were all blown away by the unique sound of this band. It was very fun to see that some smart human made a bunch of cardboard cut outs of a { & } the front few rows chanted and held up their props in unison.

Overall setting aside the great music, food, atmosphere, this rooftop concert truly brings the city of provo together, as people of all ages, gender, ethnicity, can gather and set it all aside- eat food, and sway to the sounds of local bands, not to mention a free concert.


Hear the new single, and get lost in the music of the Moth & The Flame