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Official Bed Tester: Peter Maxwell

Why did you pursue photography?

Photography was kind of a knee jerk reaction to wanting to go pre-med in college, but not wanting to just be in giant, weed out classes for 2 years.

I had always played around with photography. My friends and I would break into abandoned buildings and take pictures and stuff like that. Eventually I ended up declaring my major in the art school instead of pre-med.

What’s the story behind your Bed Testing Series?

I was working doing Real Estate photography at the time. When we would stage homes, I would try to lighten the environment by taking a random object and pretending to take a nap with it!


Do you have any hobbies outside of photography? 

Yes! I am a swimmer, I’ve been swimming since I was 11 years old. I even broke a school record in high school, which I still hold, at the state meet one year. That was pretty cool. Recently I joined a master swim team here in New York, so I get to swim with the team about twice a week and I love it.

I like that swimming is both a team and individual sport.

What’s been a happy moment that you’ve experienced recently?

Last month I received the news that one of my photos was exhibited at the Louvre as a part of a portraiture collection. Yesterday I received the book that was published in tandem with the exhibition and to see my piece with my named under it in the book and know that it was in the Louvre was unreal!


Are you close to your family?

Yes, we’re a typical southern family. I mean, no one would ever dream of not going anywhere other than home for Thanksgiving.

Favorite Song: 

This probably sounds cheesy, but I’m just gonna go for it: Good For You by Selena Gomez

Favorite Drink: 

Espresso Martini


If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I would love to be a house cat that lives with a nice family that adores me. Like, to just eat, lay around all day and be adored sounds great. It would be like being at a spa everyday!

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

Helmut Newton. His work, is so saturated and raw. He’s definitely been influential in my work. Also, Tim Walker. He tells these narratives with off the wall scenery, but his he always conveys an incredible story.

Dream Collaboration:

Carine Roitfeld. She does styling and art directing. Her work is raunchy and entertaining and I just love everything about it.


How would you describe your own work?

It’s fun and often satirical. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. I mean, this is coming from a guy who takes photographs of himself taking a nap with random objects.

What are some of your goals for your work? 

I want to be able to work consistently. The dream is to be in fashion magazines and work with cool people and I think also to pursue fine art work. No matter what though, I remember at the end of the day that I’m doing what I’m passionate about.


If You could tell everyone in the world something, what would it be?

Be tolerant. This is a philosophy that I try to live by everyday. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We don’t have to all agree with each other, but we can be tolerant of one another.

You can find more of Peter’s work here: