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We love to interview local bands to get to know them, all to often we forget that musicians are people as well. So here is a little snippet of the Static Waves band.

They Performed this last week, at the Provo Rooftop Concert series. located right in front of the Nu skin building.


Q: Joyous moment:

A: Being asked to perform at the rooftop concert series

Q: Why did you start this venture?
A: It is a dream; I’d rather sacrifice doing something I love than getting paid to do something I hate
Q: Did you have to give anything up?
A: A job that I hated
Q: Other passion?
A: Family; Id love nothing more than to have music become a career with which I can support my family
Q: Animal I want to be:
A: Wolf (Canis Lupus), particularly the Alpha Male
Q: Morning Routine:
A: Wake up, make the wife happy, make the dog happy, make the music.
Q: Last great book:
A: The Fearless Mind by Craig Manning
Q: Favorite TV Show:
A: Seinfeld
Q: Favorite Drink:
A: Redbull
Q: Dream Collaboration
A: With Buddy Holly
Q: Favorite Comedian:
A: Jerry Seinfeld
Q: Favorite Song of All Time:
A: True Love Ways by Buddy Holly
Q: Traumatic Experience:
A: Severely broken leg… but in a way it let to the band Static Waves
Q: Tell Everyone in the world one thing:
A: Go check out the band Static Waves