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Sugarburg is, obviously, intriguing from the outside. But while it may have the appearance of just another trendy coffee bar, Sugarburg is unique. It has a homey, down to earth, neighborhood/community feel, which, just heightens the cool factor tremendously.”For the most part we consider ourselves a Neighborhood Tavern”.




Sugarburg isn’t just a good space, though it is that, with it’s unique and local art. The walls are covered with art made by friends of the owner, which, brings an eclectic feeling to the place. And there is, of course, the horse sculpture that hangs from the ceiling (it weighs 300 lbs or so). A prized possession of the owner. The horse is from their Burning Man group’s first vehicle back in 2007 called Acavallo – The vehicle is an apocalyptic pirate ship carousel.




They’re known for their craft beers, with 20 rotating taps and over a hundred bottles of whiskey. Though they recently started focusing on coffee and working with the Brooklyn Roasting Company. “The coffee program has been going for about 9 months and was always part of the plan, mainly because of the busy corner we are located on. Opening this portion of the business was basically like opening an entire second business, which is why it had to wait. Michael has done a great job with the coffee program and really helped build on to the “homey” and comfortable environment we have been trying to build since we opened the doors in 2014″.




Michael the Coffee Guy knows his regulars. The door opens and Michael greets several people on a first name basis and asks them about their life as he fixes them a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. “We wanted to create a place for the community to be and to grow” Michael says.




‘Sugarburg’ is a little known nickname for the Willamsburg area. There used to be a lot of sugar barons in old school Williamsburg. Their factories lined the riverfront, Dominos being the last one standing – hence the name Sugarburg. This was to tie into the idea that we wanted to create a Neighborhood Tavern.

Sugarburg is certainly an environment for an experience. There are nooks to hide away, but there’s also light and room to breath and to take everything in. It’s a place for creativity, a place for conversation, and most of all, it’s a place to call home.

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Photography by Rebecca Reed