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I am originally from Idaho Falls but moved to Utah to attend BYU, where I graduated with my BFA in Studio Arts: Emphasis in Painting. I stayed in Utah because of the outdoor scene here–mountains, lakes, and red rock right in my backyard.


What is a joyous moment that you’ve experienced recently?

I love visiting my family in Idaho. We spend time playing with my sister’s labrador Daisy, swim in the natural hot springs, take walks on the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls, eat good food, play games…my joyous moments consist in spending time with the people I love doing things I enjoy.

Why did you start? Out of opportunity, necessity, dream job…?

Art is my dream job; I feel fortunate getting paid to do what I love. Every painting I sell means another one I can paint. There is something compelling about the process of creation, which I’m sure that every creative can understand.


Did you have to give anything up to pursue this?

I was a double major at BYU in Ballet and Studio Arts. Near the end of school, I had to pick just one.

Besides this, what is another hidden talent, passion, or hobby of yours?

Dancing! I spent two years performing with a college ballet company. I spent eight years dancing in point shoes (which I am still paying for haha). I still enjoy performing and taking dance classes with local ballet schools and have even had the opportunity to perform at The Capitol Theater in Salt Lake.


Animal I Would Want to Be Most: I want to be a pegacorn–it started as a little girl and has never changed.

Morning Routine: I love going running and being outside when the weather is nice. I have an obsession with my waffle make and like to put weird things on my waffles–like peanut butter, yogurt, and raisins.

Last Great Book I Read: Escape from Camp 14. It’s about the only man to successfully escape a prison camp in North Korea. I like hard reads, but I have to incorporate them with fluffier ones, like fantasy or young adult romances.

Favorite TV Shows: My tv watching consists of youtube videos of anything hilarious: cats, dogs, babies, people falling off of slides…

Favorite Drink: I love fruit smoothies.

My Dream Collaboration: My dream collaboration would be to wallpaper the inside of a house and just paint scenery all over it. I’d also like to do this to a car.


Favorite Comedians: Jim Gaffigan

Favorite Song of All Time: Belinda Carlisle–Heaven is a Place on Earth

What is the most traumatic thing you’ve gone through? My father died from an overdose when I was eleven. Addiction is hard–I mostly mourn the time we lost to get to know each other, but I believe I will get that chance one day.

If you could tell everyone in the world something, what would it be?

Let all your grudges go and allow yourself to be happy. Be with people you love, spend time doing what you love–be filled with love. I’m kind of a hippie.


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