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Even though the Twilight Concert Series starts at the end of July, it always seems to make summer feel more official. There is a particular buzz of excitement about the city the day of the first concert, which only builds as the concert itself starts and the evening continues on. This excitement drives community building, with so many people being able to have a place to enjoy the company of one another while enjoying a cocktail or bites from local food vendors, in addition to getting to hear music from so many talented musicians. The experience ends up being equal parts entertaining and enjoyable, making nights at the concert series ones to look forward to.

This year started off perfectly with tunes people could easily bob their heads or full out jam to. DJ Brisk opened the set with many well-known hip hop and pop songs, remixed in a way anyone could enjoy. The crowd may have started out small with his set, but after a few songs it started to build. It was apparent DJ Brisk has quite the local fan base and it surely only expanded after last night. He ended up playing through what would’ve been Kaytranada’s set, who was the other opener for the evening. Unfortunately, Kaytranada was delayed because of extreme weather conditions but hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to hear him next year.

Regardless of the slight hiccup of having to forgo one of the planned openers, everything went incredibly well for Twilight’s first night. Rounding out the event last night was the main act, Chet Faker, who originally hails from Australia and is known for his electronica/”trip hop” sound. It was obvious that everyone there, whether they were there originally for the local act or were die hard fans, enjoyed Chet Faker’s set from the get-go. He came out full of energy and it was thrilling to see him work the stage and interact with the audience through his performance. It’s clear that he’s an experienced performer, which only speaks to the quality this summer concert series likes to provide for the community. After last night I’m sure everyone, whether seasoned concert goer or not, is excited to see what else Twilight has in store for us in the coming weeks.