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Ever wonder how experienced art world professionals separate out the best art from the rest?

If you ask an artist what their perspective is on the specialness
of art, you would probably get a different answer from each

Whether or not it is special to anyone else is unimportant. You
paint what you are.


Even though it often comes with a dollar sign, art itself is priceless. It is a piece
of history, an expression of self. A birth and a creation.

We can filter history, philosophy, pop culture, and the universe through this lense. We can derive meaning or the meaningless. We can fantasize, embellish, or just point out the obvious. It makes you stop and consider.



Artist, Jessica Holmes, embraces transforming her soul into paint.


With each piece in this series, you can sense the dichotomy between light and dark. It comes as no surprise that when she’s not painting, she is a seasoned yoga instructor. Pictured here, with her daughter and husband, Dane, you can see where her lightness comes from.


You can view and purchase her art at MAS in Salt Lake City, Utah.



All photography done by Jane Groom: