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What is a joyous moment that you’ve experienced recently?

I recently resigned from my part time job as a developer so I could focus on YMB (You, Me and Bones) full time. The moment I’ve made the decision I could feel this massive weight being lifted off my shoulders. I went to sleep happy that night.

Why did you start this venture?

It was an accident – a hobby that turned into a business.

My 2013 New Year’s Resolution was to make special gifts for friends instead of buying mass produced products. I started making the usual vintage tea cup candles, then I moved on to experimenting and using different moulds and then mould making.


Did you have to give anything up to pursue this?

A lot of my time – as well as candle making 7 days a week I was also working 9-5 as a part time web developer. I hardly get to see many of my friends, start another hobby or exercise. I’m excited with all the ‘free’ time I have now, though!


Besides this, what is another hidden talent, passion, or hobby of yours?

Umm…good question!

I’m a collector/borderline hoarder of plants, cameras and all of the random shit I don’t need. I love going to flea/farmers markets and the above. I’ve recently started taking photos of things and styling our product shoots – it’s fun!

Are you close with your family?

I’d say we are close but we could be closer. I spent almost half of my life growing up in Thailand and my parents are divorced – we don’t really show emotions to each other. It wasn’t until I moved to Australia that I was kind of comfortable telling mum I love her.


Animal I Would Want to Be Most?

Any kind of cat!

Morning Routine:

Say hi to my kitties, do a little fart and giggle hello to my partner Jay

Favorite TV Shows:

I have a couple of favs I’m rewatching right now: The Goldbergs and Bob’s Burgers


Favorite Drink:

Amaretto Sour or Pimms

My Dream Collaboration:

It’s a secret! hehe

What is the most traumatic thing you’ve gone through?

When I was about 12 or 13, my mum drove my brother, nanny and I do my brother’s soccer tournament out in the country in Thailand. We saw a massive cow crossing the road and slowed down. However, the oncoming ute in the opposite lane didn’t and – you know. I can still see the cow spun in mid air like it was yesterday. It was horrible.