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Desert Island: Indie Comics

When you walk into Desert Island you are entering another world. Definitely one of the gems of Brooklyn. Here are some things that you can expect: really good music, (maybe rockabilly or classic rock, depends on the day) great local and international art and enthralling reads. The mood is set for some excellent perusing.


Desert Island


This comic book store is a place where you can get lost and get found. Many of the graphic novels are overwhelmingly gorgeous and the stories are unique and quirky. You won’t find these kind of stories anywhere else. Stories of Eddie Murphey having narcissistic dreams where he falls in love with himself, a young girl who discovers who she is while growing up in a funeral home, aliens asking existential questions while wrestling bears, and of course comics that contemplate How to Be Happy (Eleanor Davis).


Gabe the Comic Guru


Desert Island is the creation of Gabe the comics guru. Well, at least I always saw Gabe as the go-to comics guy, though he’s not so quick to say that he is, “I want to be the go to guy”. But if you want something specific, he either knows about it or he will go on the hunt for it. “This is a place for the people who come to it. It started as a place that consisted of what I wanted and a place I would want to go to, but as people come in and make requests the content broadens and makes a new place for them.” That’s part of what makes Desert Island so authentic and versatile. It’s a choose your own adventure kind of place.


Desert Island


Desert Island is the major leader in heading of the festival, Comic Arts Brooklyn a.k.a. CAB in the fall.




Comic Arts Brooklyn

Desert Island