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Jacob Privette / Jake Grey does photography, music and much more.

What is a joyous moment that you’ve experienced recently?
I had the opportunity  to record my first single. The ability to hear my song turn into a full production  was amazing.
Why did you start this venture? Out of opportunity, necessity, dream job…? Did you have to give anything up to pursue this?
I started taking pictures because I bought a camera and I got asked to take pictures for T-Pain. I started doing music because it saved me from the darkest of places and I wanted to help others through music.


Besides this, what is another hidden talent, passion, or hobby of yours? Are you close with your family?
I do hip hop dance for fun.
My mother passed away when I was little. So, my family life is unique.


Last Great Book I Read?
The 10X Rule
Favorite TV Shows?
The Office. Community. Psych. Scrubs. That 70s Show. The League. Key and Peele. Rocket Power. Drake and Josh.
My Dream Collaboration?
To work with Jack Johnson or Ed Sheeran.

Favorite Comedians?
Will Ferrell
Favorite Song of All Time?
Marry Me – Train

What is the most traumatic thing you’ve gone through?

My mother died right after I turned 8.
What is something you would tell the world?
That being happy is okay. You can be happy even when depressed.


My single, Upside Down, comes out Tuesday  the 27th.
The next single, Love Dream, comes out the following Tuesday.
The Kickstarter for my album comes out November 11th.

Photo Credit Jacob Privette.

Jake Grey